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Final Fantasy 5 Story

The Crystal of Wind, for many years has it kept the channels of wind going around the world. The King of Tycoon felt a slight disturbance with the Crystal and travels to the Crystal's Shrine. At the same time, an adventurer named Bartz dashes to a meteor crash site to see what is going on. There he meets Reina, the daughter of the King of Tycoon, and Galuf, an old man who only remembers his name after feeling the impact of the meteor. With Reina being worried about her Father, the group sets off to the Wind Shrine only to realize that this has become more than just a simple walk in the park.

Note: Because of the few translations out there, the names in this section are based on the PSX release of Final Fantasy 5 and NOT the unofficial SNES rom translation.

Final Fantasy 5 Release

This game was never released on the SNES in the US. It was planned to be released as Final Fantasy Extreme after Final Fantasy 6 (3) came out but the whole plan was scrapped. Final Fantasy 5 was released alongside with Final Fantasy 6 in the Final Fantasy Anthology Package.

Final Fantasy 5 Re-Release

Final Fantasy 5 was re-released in Japan with Final Fantasy 4 and 6 in Final Fantasy Collection. Otherwise, it was never really re-released elsewhere.

Introduction - A basic introduction to the game, the story, and brief details on the release and re-release.

MIDI Downloads - Music from the original game soundtrack, but in MIDI form. Small file sizes for quick, easy and fast downloads!

Sheet Music - Final Fantasy sheet music, most often from piano. Sometimes this sheet music may be scans from an officially released book of music (though often only available in Japan), or sometimes the sheet music is created by fans for fans.

World Maps - High resolution world map pictures, including names of all locations. Lost? This might help.

Review - Final Fantasy Shrine's official Final Fantasy 5 review, written by Murasame. Also includes some more detailed release information.

FMV Screenshots - Final Fantasy 5 was re-released on the Playstation in anthology. In the new version, some full motion videos were created. This section has those videos captured frame by frame for you to enjoy. Very high quality pictures.

Walkthrough - A walkthrough for Final Fantasy 5. If any of your questions aren't answered elsewhere, this is where you should head! A larger, more detailed HTML walkthrough with pictures will come eventually.



Final Fantasy 5 Index

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