Final Fantasy IV Collection of MIDIs

This is a complete collection of all the MIDIs available for Final Fantasy 4. You should have decent soundfonts and a nice soundcard installed for these to sound best. MP3s of some soundtracks will be available from time to time in ShrineAMP. If we're missing any MIDIs, feel free to contact us (in the forums or IRC would be best).

Want to use these MIDIs on your site? You can feel free to do so (you must host them on YOUR server- don't link to our MIDIs), but only if you provide a link back to on every page in which the MIDIs appear.

MIDIs from the Original Soundtrack (Click here for a zip of every MIDI)

1. The Prelude
2. Red Wings
3. Kingdom Baron
4. Theme of Love
5. Prologue...
6. Welcome to our Town!
7. Main Theme
8. Fight 1
9. Fanfare
10. Hello! Big Chocobo!
11. Chocobo-chocobo
12. Into the Darkness
13. Fight 2
14. Ring of Bomb
15. Rydia
16. Castle Damcyan
17. Cry in Sorrow
18. Melody of Lute
19. Mt. Ordeals
20. Fabul
21. Run!
22. Suspicion
23. Golbeza Clad in the Dark
24. Hey, Cid!
25. Mystic Mysidia
26. Long Way to Go
27. Parom & Polom
28. The Dreadful Fight
29. The Airship
30. Troian Beauty
31. Samba de Chocobo!
32. Tower of Bab-il
33. Somewhere in the World...
34. Land of Dwarves
35. Giott, the Great King
36. Dancing Calcobrena
37. Tower of Zot
38. Illusionary World
39. The Big Whale
40. Another Moon
41. The Lunarians
42. Within the Giant
43. The Final Battle
44. Epilogue