The lands that first surround you, the light warriors who came from somewhere and onto the grasses of Coneria fully clothed, are plagued with monsters and evil. The cause of such an outbreak of creatures is a disruption and imbalance of the four elements of the world: Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water. Something of great evil must be behind this undoing. The next thing you know, this nearby kingdom's princess has been captured by a dark knight in a dark temple, and the king has asked you to rescue her!

The four warriors must begin their quest by defeating this dark lord, and then march against the tide of evil that blemishes the premises. Will your swords and sorcery be enough to overcome darkness and energize the four elements that once gave the Earth its balance? You decide who the great warriors are and will become, and you decide theirs and the world's fate in this forever classic!


Final Fantasy 1 picked up a variety of gamers because of the game's relatively simple (and fun) appearance and gameplay. Unfortunately for the United States, we'd never hear of the Final Fantasy series again until much later.


Squaresoft released a remake of Final Fantasy 1 for the WonderSwan Color in 2000, featuring improved graphics, improved and additional music tracks, advanced options, and extra sequences that show as the story progresses.