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E3 2004 Final Fantasy Game News - 05.13.04

The E3 showroom has opened today and our favorite little monkey, mrmonkeyman, has been going around and taking lots of notes... or at least doing a lot of stuff.

From his observations of various things for Square Enix, we can expect certain things from the various releases.

mrmonkeyman on FFXII: "I'd love to say that I went away from playing this with a head full of butterflies, and lots of hyperbole to describe the epic brilliance of it. However, as the worm turns, Square appear to have lost the plot as to what sort of game they are making. From the cinematics I saw, the game looks the part - beautifully motion captured, and in no way as jerky and badly acted as Final Fantasy X was. However...the battle system has completely changed. Instead of the game's old active time battle system of turn based combat that, I, personally, have always liked, we now have something very much similar to a simplified FFXI combat system.

My jaw dropped too.

So, now you run around your enemy, comically waiting and hitting them, then they hit you, like some sort of misguided and laggy Everquest battle. There is no more ritual to the battle, which while some may enjoy, as you now flow into battles as if you are playing Zelda, or, say, FFXI, I personally believe that this is an enourmous dumbing down of the series, and the first sign that Final Fantasy may be going in a very bad direction. The story itself is something I really cannot comment on, as the game was incomplete and wasn't prepared in the same format as the metal gear trailer. But overall, I'm very worried. I have no doubt that I'll buy it, as the story looks good enough from what I've seen, and it is quite fun to play, but it doesn't doesn't seem FF-ish enough. It's hard to explain."

Among other things, Square Enix has announced that a UMD (the media for the PSP) version of Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children.

Finally, Square Enix has announced their Nintendo DS lineup which will include Egg Monster Hoer, Dragon Quest Monsters, and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Could this mean that the four-player adventure will be all portable and more convenient than it's Gamecube Counterpart? I'm not the only one curious about what will transpire in the next few days!

Writer: MogKnight

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