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Drakengard - A game to really look out for! - 02.05.04

Me being able to experience the game first hand, I must say that this game is pretty enjoyable. As I've been looking around the other great titles that Square-Enix is producing (such as Star Ocean 3 for example), this is perhaps one of the unique few.

Drakenard (or Drag-On Dragoon in Japanese) is an action type game that has a few minor RPG elements. Most of those elements are mostly racking up experience points for your weapons. This game is a cross between two other great games: Dynasty Warriors and Panzer Dragoon. I found this mix to be very very well done and with a story that'll keep you hooked, it will please quite a bit of people.

You play as a Union Warrior named Caim. Trapped between a war between the Union and the Empire, you must fight your way through enemies upon enemies. Of course, as the cool hero you are, you end up being mortally wounded and you pretty much end up on the dying side... that is until you meet The Red Dragon who is also in the same dying situation as you. Caim decides to go into a pact with the Dragon to bond and cooperate with each other. The two then become restored and basically blow @*$! up out of the enemy.

The game has 3 modes:

Aerial combat is air to air fighting with The Red Dragon. Much like Panzer Dragoon, you can lock and destroy enemies. You are able to fly around and not be limited by a track. Along with your fire attack, you have a homing special attack that'll pretty much get rid of anything in your path.

Strafe mode is where Caim and The Red Dragon take on low altitude combat with the enemy. The Red Dragon pretty much acts like a bomber and will clear out the field.

Melee mode is where Caim gets off of the dragon and uses his arsenal of weapons to destroy enemies. Much like Dynasty Warriors, Caim can do multihit combos and special attacks. Not to mention that he can do a few magic spells and can even change weapons during combat. This game has over 60 weapons so to get them all, you'll need to level up your weapons and play the game quite a bit.

I recommend you check out this game when it hits North American lands on March 2nd 2004.

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Writer: MogKnight

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