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Mog Talks About Stuff Vol. 7 - 01.27.04

Feb 10th: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles releases into the US.

A large majority of us know what this game has in store and a large majority of us have shunned it because of what it costs. If you don't know, FF:CC is several things:

1. The emphasis is in Multiplayer action.
2. It is not tradtional Final Fantasy game play.
3. It requires a GBA for each player if theres more than one playing the game (but you won't need a GBA if you're playing alone).
4. It gives up story for gameplay.

So, what does this mean for the Final Fantasy fan? Well, the whole fact that the game aiming towards trying to create a mutliplayer experience is a good thing. The real gripe is the whole GBA thing. While each "so called" Final Fantasy fan should have one (hey, we ALL bought Final Fantasy Tactics Advance... right Mr. Final Fantasy Fan?), we should probably be able to find someone else who owns this and a GCN. In other words, what I'm trying to say is, FF:CC is a fun multiplayer experience but by far is it not a gateway game to lead you into the Final Fantasy series. It gives you something to do when you have a party going on and some people brought their GBAs but if you and your friends want to dedicate the money for it, you should already at least own FFTA and a GBA to play it on if you're such a "so-called" Final Fantasy fan.

Now this leaves the other set of Final Fantasy fans who worry about the storyline. I think I've said it once but no one heard me so I'll say it again here. The storyline does not make a game. Much like how graphics does not make a game either, I can see how everyone who wants to be "hardcore" would side with one or the other. To all casual Final Fantasy fans, gameplay is a must for any game, RPG or whatever the genre may be. To give up story for this isn't a bad thing at all - just see how Diablo and most MMORPGs worked out, they didn't feature much of a story that involved a main protagonist. Of course, RPGs should be filled with a story, you are playing a role after all. There is a story in this game but there is no character development. Call it a game where you have to use your imagination compared to what is spit at you by the game.

Finally, those who say this game just isn't traditional Final Fantasy. Well, for me, Final Fantasy 7 was all more gameplay than story or graphics... yet for some reason, that is considered "standard Final Fantasy". FF7 was a gateway to Final Fantasy but it really is not a standard. In fact, there is no set standard in Final Fantasy other than chocobos/moogles/a guy named Cid and a bunch of other small minor things. Even then, some of these aspects were absent in some Final Fantasy titles that aren't mainstream. Perhaps this is what separates casual gamers to hardcore gamers, the fact that they let these little story things and so on get to them and causes them not to purchase the game. I'm not saying that hardcore does not care about the story at all, I am sure that a lot of RPG gamers enjoy a good story but some are concerned about the gameplay in this, not the lack of story. What made other games fail in this (Legend of Mana and Saga Frontier comes to mind as they never got far) is that with the lack of story, the gameplay was pretty weak as well. I'm sure that from the reviews I heard about for the Japanese version that this game will be great, alone or with friends.

And that concludes my thoughts about FF:CC and the pre-reactions of people. Tune back in Feb 11th-12th and read what I thought about FF:CC and my impressions of multiplayer and single player.

Writer: MogKnight

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