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FFShrine News - 01.21.04

First I thought I'd give a quasi-introduction for those of you that don't follow the forums or chat quite so closely; if you don't recognize this nick (Alex Mack), you might remember me as Sarah or Ender. Normally I wouldn't think there'd be much of a point in this kind of an introduction, especially in a news story, but because of the nature of it, I figured it'd make a reasonable amount of sense to at least let you know who I am. On to the interesting bits...

There's been quite a bit of tension behind the FFShrine scenes lately. as most of you know, for a long time, FFShrine's site has been more or less idle… It hasn't been accomplishing what we wanted it to do, or what we know it can do.

CorazonAzul has been in charge of FFShrine for a long time now. For a number of reasons, things haven't exactly gone well for the site during this time period; much of which was beyond his control. He had largely lost interest in the site. When I found this out, I started doing some content (with the help of MogKnight and acpo) to try to revive the Shrine, and it's worked fairly well…

Those are the number of unique visitors we've had over the past two months. Things were definitely picking up. Because of some technical problems with this layout, myself and Mog decided that we really needed to move to a new layout, the current one would take more work to “repair” than it would to design one from the ground up, and we felt it was time for a change.

Long story short, Corazon's interest in the Shrine has returned. He's returning, and we're both in charge now; CorazonAzul and myself are now co-webmasters. A new layout is coming. Two of them, actually, and we'll decide which one to use once they're completed. One's being constructed by Corazon, the other's being constructed by a friend of MogKnight.

In the meantime, I'll continue bringing content online with the help of MogKnight, acpo, and all of the other volunteers from the forum. We'll won't abandon this layout until the new one is absolutely ready to replace it, with all of the current content filled into the new design.

A deadline's been set for both Corazon and Mog's friend: in two months, we're going to have two drafts, and we'll be well in the way to finally bringing FFShrine back to where it belongs.

Click here to view the original post in the forums.

Writer: Alex Mack

03.11.10: Art Submissions
Art submissions are back up!

03.04.10: New Ajunction Art
Tons of new fanart added!

05.21.05: IRC Log Formatter
Log Formatter for the IRC chat added.

04.29.05: Art Junction
50+ new fanart submissions added.

04.23.05: Chat Update
#ffshrine is now located on

01.26.05: FFXI Job Abils
Partial list of job abilities added.

01.25.05: FFXI Magic Lists
Complete magic lists posted for all classes.

12.04.04: Art Junction
More than a dozen new pieces of artwork added!

10.23.04: Top Sites
New topsites section launched.

09.18.04: Art Junction
New fanart submissions added.

08.20.04: Art Junction
4 new fanart submissions added.

07.21.04: Art Junction
75+ new fanart submissions added.

07.09.04: Art Junction
30+ new fanart submissions added.

07.05.04: Final Fantasy Before Crisis
Poster scans added.

07.04.04: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
MIDI downloads added.

07.04.04: Final Fantasy Tactics
MIDI downloads added.

07.01.04: Links Page
New links page added. Submit your sites!

06.07.04: Art Junction
30+ new fanart additions.

05.26.04: Shrine AMP
MogKnight Introduces Cloud Tribute Video.

05.25.04: Final Fantasy 8
Disc 4 FMV screenshots added.

05.21.04: Final Fantasy X-2
Blue Bullet guide added.

05.21.04: Final Fantasy X
Luca Sphere Theater page added.

05.20.04: Final Fantasy VII
600+ new Disc 2 FMV screenshots.

05.18.04: Advent Children
100+ new E3 Advent Children screenshots.

05.17.04: Before Crisis
Before Crisis section launched: screenshots, logo, and platform information.

05.14.04: Shrine AMP
Minor Shrine AMP update.

05.08.04: Final Fantasy VII
Disc 4 FMV screenshots added.

05.07.04: Advent Children
New magazine scan.

05.04.04: Final Fantasy VII
Disc 1 FMV Screenshots added.

05.01.04: Final Fantasy X
1,100+ FMV Screenshots added.

04.29.04: Shrine AMP
Minor Shrine AMP update.

04.24.04: FFT
Almost 250 FMV Pictures added.

04.24.04: Art Junction
Art Junction relaunched with well over 50 new submissions.

04.21.04: Final Fantasy 4
FMV pictures added.

04.17.04: Final Fantasy 8
Disc II FMV pictures added.

04.16.04: Final Fantasy X
Aeons added: Bahamut, Yojimbo, Anima, Magus Sisters.

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