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FFXII again and again and again. - 11.19.03

Interesting: The first thing I did after waking up this morning was checking for FFXII news. And when I came home from university in the evening, I immediately checked for more, and now am writing his news article. After this, I swear, I’ll be going to bed and will have spend all my free time today on FFXII. Cool! Now I just hope it will be good, don't want to spend my precious time on a game that sucks… but I am confident after having read the info, looked at the pictures and watched the trailer.

Final Fantasy XII will take place in the world of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Ivalize. The two protagonists whose artworks we already got to admire last week, Vaan (17) and Ashe (19), come from the kingdom Dalmaska. This land gets conquered by the Empire, and Ashe, the princess and righful heiress to the throne, forms a rebellion to fight against the Empire. Vaan is a thief from the same kingdom, and eventually joins the princess.

Players of FFTA will not only find the races to include Viera and Bangaa, but will also discover that the Judges are back. And they are Vaan’s and Ashe’s opponents. One of them can be seen in the game’s logo, looking all scary and villain-like.

Vital FF-elements like moogles, chocobos and a Cid are to make a return, too. But we didn’t really expect anything else, did we?

The world of the game is supposed to be Mediteranian-style. Alright, for me that would include: nice weather, nice landscape, good food. The weather in the game seems indeed to be good: Vaan and Ashe aren’t wearing much clothes, and the jungle and the desert from the early screenshots hint at warmer temperatures, too.

Square Enix trefused to comment on the battle system, so I suppose that there will be some differences to the game’s predecessors.
Nobuo Uematsu said the theme song will be a vocal track once again… We’re already used to that… Hmm… I’m getting tired, so I better give you the rest of the stuff and let you be happy, and in exchange you let me sleep.

And I will dream of what I’ve seen in this trailer. Knights in shining armour, and an evil dolphin, and Jenova…?

Click here to download the trailer!

More artwork:
A pretty poster
A better version of the logo
Artwork of Ashe
Ashe and Vaan
Beautiful airships

Scans from Famitsu magazine:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10
Page 11

(Wish I knew Japanese...)

Sources: quiter , , various others that I already forgot... sorry.

Writer: Misao

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