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FFX-2: Eternal Calm Script - 11.16.03

This is the entire script to Eternal Calm: Final Fantasy X-2 Prologue. Note that if you haven't completed Final Fantasy X, this will contain a lot of spoilers and you should avoid this like the plague until then.

Scene 1: Besaid Island: Beach. Yuna is timing herself to see how long she can hold her breath.

Yuna: 37... 38... 39... 40... 41... *gasps for breath* 2 minutes, 41 seconds. My longest yet.

*Wakka runs out*

Wakka: Yuna! It's time!

Yuna: Coming!

Wakka: *grins at Yuna with his arms crossed* You're diving like a real pro, ya?

Yuna: You'll always be the pro, Wakka.

Wakka: I dunno.

Wakka: It's been so long since I trained.

Yuna: You have gotten a little chubby. *squeek squeek*

Wakka: *Laughs embarrasingly*

Yuna: And you're not even the one having the baby!

*Wakka sighs, turns his back to Yuna and runs off*

Yuna: (It's been two years. I've learned how to hold my breath for more than two minutes now. It takes more than physical strengths and theres some tricks that can't be taught. It took practice. Lots and lots of practice. I just had to keep trying until I figured it out for myself. You know what? Back then, I didn't think there were any tricks to it at all. I didn't have time to think. An eternal Calm. A slightly chubbly Wakka, and my 2 minutes, 41 seconds. It's not much but it's enough.)

End of Scene 1

Scene 2: Besaid Temple. Yuna walks in and greets a man named Tasgio. They approuch each other.

Tasgio: Lady Yuna, it is a pleasure to meet you. I heard your speech two years ago in the stadium (speech made in the ending of FFX). But seeing you this close you look so much more... I mean, you're truly beautiful.

Yuna: That's very kind of you to say.

Tasgio: The reason I've come here today is to talk to you about my grandson. He's joined the Youth League, you see. I've nothing against the League, mind you. It's just me and the missus belong to New Yevon. My grandson used to attend all the party meetings... with his parents, of course. That is, until one day... I'm sure being around people his own age can't be bad for the boy. Still, I am worried about him. I feel, oh, how shall I say this... like our grandchildren are moving too quickly.

Yuna: (In the last two years, new groups have been springing up all over. Everyone wants to be part of a new age. Everyone wants to build a new age. Everyone wants to build a new Spira. And they're all racing to find their own way to do it.)

Tasgio: I only want what's best for him... but it troubles me when we agree on so little.

Yuna: (People have different ideas. And sometimes, they disagree on the right thing to do. Some people worry about what the new age will bring. Sometimes, I worry too. I just have to tell myself that for now I'm doing the right thing.)

Yuna: I understand how you feel. But Tasgio, maybe you should try talking to your grandson first. He may walk a different path but I'm sure he wants the same for Spira as we all do.

End of Scene 2

Scene 3: Outside of Besaid Island, the Waterfalls.

*Yuna walks off while Wakka chases*

Wakka: Hey there!

Yuna: What is it? Another visitor?

Wakka: No, no. I just wanted to chat, ya? It's just the old folks in the village, they'd like to see you get, y'know... (implying that they want Yuna to settle down and marry)

Yuna: And who is it this time?

Wakka: Well, they're saying it's the son of the Chairman of New Yevon, ya?

Yuna: Tell them no. He would only use me, after all.

Wakka: *sighs* Right. I'm sorry.

Yuna: Don't worry, I'll go tell them myself.

Wakka: No, No, you leave that to me, ya? You really don't want to see them anyway. You know how they get.

Yuna: Yeah.

*A guy runs out of nowhere towards Yuna/Wakka's location.*

Guy: Lady Yuna! *stops and salutes* Lady Yuna, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Yaibal. I've come on Youth League business! I bring a message for you from our leader, Meyvn Nooj (a character that will be introduced in FFX-2).

Wakka: She's not interested in joining, ya?

Yaibal: Oh?

Yuna: Is that why you've come?

Yaibal: That is correct, my lady.

Yuna: I'm sorry, but I will not be joining any group.

Yaibal: Perhaps the lady will start a group of her own?

Yuna: Leave us. Please.

*Rikku comes out and greets Yuna and Wakka*

Rikku: Yuna! Wakka!

*Scene ends with Rikku stopping and scratching her cheek.*

End of Scene 3

Scene 4: Al Bhed Ship

Yuna: (Rikku sometimes visits us here in Besaid. She's been travelling around Spira salvaging ancient machina and teaching people how to use them. It's tiring work, but you wouldn't know it from looking at her)

*Rikku elbows Wakka's gut a few times*

Wakka: Hey, cut it out!

Rikku: Love's sure got a handle on you! Where's Lulu?

Wakka: Back in the village. Go say hi, ya?

Rikku: You betcha! And Yuna, you... seem the same as always.

Yuna: Yeah, same as always.

Wakka: Is Kimahri still on Mt. Gagazet?

Rikku: Yeah! He's been up there teaching the orphaned Ronso all kinds of stuff. He's like this big guru now. Oh, that reminds me, I got something for you. *reaches into her pockets* Hmm, where is it, where is it... Here we go. Kimahri found it up on the mountain.

Yuna: A sphere?

Wakka: Funny looking design, ya?

Yuna: Take a good look, Yuna.

*Flashes white and ends Scene*

End of Scene 4

Scene 5: A dark place with a guy who looks like Tidus? who is trapped in a cage? and crying to get out.

???: No, I'm not sorry! I haven't done anything wrong! I know you're listening. If she was your girl, what would you do? How can you blame me for trying to use your weapon? It was the only way I could save the summoner! What would you do if you were me? Let me out! ... I want to see her... *fades back white, end*

End of Scene 5

Scene 6: Back on Al Bhed Ship.

Yuna: (It was a voice from the past. No, it was a voice that's never left me.)

Wakka: What is this? What's he doing? I mean, is that really him? (refering to Tidus) Is that... is he... what's going on?

Rikku: I'm not sure. But you wanna find out, don'tcha?

Wakka: Well, yeah, but...

Yuna: Yes!

Rikku: Let's go then!

Yuna: Go where?

Rikku: Well, that's the tricky part. I know! Kimahri found the sphere. Let's go talk to him!

Wakka: Woah, woah. You sure you're ready to just run off? Can't you wait until we find out a little more first?

Rikku: And just who's supposed to do the finding out?

Yaibal: *From aside* Leave that to us! I'm sure Meyvn Nooj will agree to help. In fact, I volunteer to ask him myself!

Wakka: Beat it, ya?

Yaibal: Understood! I shall return as soon as possible with a full report of our investigation! *runs off*

Rikku: Well, look, I really want Yuna to go.

Wakka: She can't do that.

Rikku: Why not?

Wakka: Because she's booked solid for three months, ya! And everybody wants to see her.

Rikku: Oh yeah? Well, what about what she wants?

Wakka: Well, yeah, but.. Okay, maybe once things calm down, y'know?

Rikku: And what if they don't, Wakka? What then, huh? I don't believe it. After everything Yuna did for us! Why can't she just do what she wants to do now? Why? You know, every time I visited here, I wondered... why is it, that when everyone's out making their dreams happen and everyone's getting their chance, Yuna's dreams are on hold?

Wakka: Gee, it's not like...

Rikku: What do you know anyway, tubby? Yuna?

Yuna: I want... (I want to journey again. But... if I leave, I'll be disappointing everyone else.) I want...

Tidus' Voice: (What's the point of pretending to be all grown up if it means the things I want to say never get said? How am I supposed to change anything?)

Yuna: I'll go.

Wakka: Yuna!

Yuna: I know it's selfish but this is my story.

Rikku: Right on! I knew you'd say that, so I brought something just for the occasion!

Wakka: Gimme a break.

Rikku: First, a costume change. You need a new look! You are a celebrity, so incognito's the way to go!

Wakka: Wait, you two! I'll go get Lu!

Yuna: (An eternal Calm. A slightly chubby Wakka, and my 2 minutes, 41 seconds. It's not much but it's enough. Still... it's okay to want more, isn't it?) *turns to Rikku* Rikku, let's leave! Let's leave right now!

Movie ends with sound of ship taking off and fades to white.


Writer: MogKnight

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