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New TBRPG in the Forums. - 11.01.03

The year was 2192: The ancient--indeed, forgotten--space probe, Voyager, arrived unexpectedly back on Earth (having been picked up by a space colony in orbit of Earth and subsequently sent on to the scientists on Earth for examination). It bore with it a transmission which took the world's best linguists, interpreters, and electronic communications experts over a year to translate.

The Message: "To cleanse the universe of the original sin, Death to the line of Adam. Death to the line of Adam. Death to the line of Adam.?

On the first day of the invasion, the transmission was heard again. Every nation was destroyed, every religion was destroyed, every family was broken, and men threw aside their petty differences; the aliens did not seem to discriminate and the humans who would couldn’t survive. And so, very shortly after the invaders came what still remained of every army, navy, air force, and space corps (mostly existing illegally before the war) had come together under one banner, and that was the banner of Earth. Every person had lost everything, there was nothing left to destroy, and the aliens seemed to still want to destroy more. All that anyone had left were their lives and the lives of those they held dear.

The idea is simple. A race of people called The Voyagers--due to the name of the space probe that heralded their approach--have appeared out of nowhere and attacked the Earth. Anticipating the invasion to incur cataclysmic losses, the governments of earth gathered 100 million of the strongest, and most intelligent people together in a safe location to be preserved from destruction... Naturally this secret place was taken out by the Enemy's first shot. Of those on the list to be sent there, the only known survivor was someone who by an ironic twist of fate missed his flight.

You're not the strongest, you're not the fastest, you're not the smartest. You're the survivors. The strongest, smartest, fastest... the enemy knew who they were, as if a sixth sense told them who to kill first.

You now must evaluate where you have been and where you are going. The possiblilities are endless, but don't get too carried away. You may not be the strongest, but there are still strong ones among you. You may not be the smartest, but there are still some smart ones among you. Many things were lost by this, but there was one thing that was gained. In this new world, you can dream again.

Who will you be?

Thus begins the newest Text-Based Role-Playing Game on November 7th, 2003 on the FFS forums.

For those unfamiliar with the style of the TBRPG's which take place around here, TBRPG's are stories where everyone participating controls every aspect of a character (or characters, if they can handle writing the interactions between an entire party of characters) as they journey through whatever world/universe they are involved in. Old School Role-Playing Gamers may remember the old Pen and Paper RPG's, it's kind of similar to that. Some of you may even remember the old text-based RPG's that came out back in the days when the most advanced computers used the DOS command line as their OS. It's kind of like that, except that you don't have to keep up with all the math and such like you may have done in those old games. And instead of a DM to deal with, every one that actively posts is the DM. The exception is that you must check with everyone that your character may interact with before you go and actually post your next installment in the story--this is more out of courtesy and to help keep things from getting too out of hand.

Another thing which differentiates the FFS TBRPG's from typical Text-based RPG's you may see on other message boards: The TBRPG's here are meant to have longer, more descriptive posts explaining the feelings, events, and so forth going on around any given character.

Oh, it goes without saying, but: Stick to the setting of the TBRPG you're involved in. For example, in this TBRPG you are in a world where a war against invaders from outerspace is being waged--so don't go around acting like you're a samurai in Feudal Japan or something like that. Obviously, "sidequests" and stuff like that are okay, but don't go creating something completely irrelevant that's going to cause the story to go in a direction entirely opposite from where everyone else seems to be heading.

For some great examples of previous TBRPG's that have played out on the forums, check the following urls:




Writer: MogKnight

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