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Mog Talks About Stuff Vol. 3 - 10.28.03

*stares at the clock...*

9:26... store doesn't open until 10... too much waiting... way too much waiting...

Oh um... welcome back to another Mog Talks About Stuff. In a minor attempt to plug in that Final Fantasy XI is out, today it's going to be "Mog Talks About Stuff that has been already repeated... and new stuff too!" about Final Fantasy XI.

As you already know (and if you don't you're not a good reader), Final Fantasy XI is out for the PC. About 5 or 6 months later, Final Fantasy XI will be released on the PS2, preinstalled in a HDD. Basically, you're going to need a good computer to play this as of right now... no biggie except the folks who have to fork out about a good 100-200 for another videocard and other upgrades. These type of people generally don't play much PC games, thus does not need upgrades. Unfortunately, since FFXI is out, videocard upgrades are almost a must to get something of good quality from the game. A low end card simply won't cut it (especially this stupid TNT2 Card that I have... had it for way too long).

While the whole videocard thing is a bit of a pain (shame on those who don't upgrade... *dashes out and buys a Radeon 9800 Pro*), there is also that issue about the monthly payment. One free month isn't a bad thing at all guys! Just play it for a month, if you don't like it, stop paying for it and sell it to some other MMORPG fan. Also, you won't need to make more than one character, just have one and if you have a LOT of free time, make another.

And before I go and pick it up. Please be sure not to act like an idiot when you go online. Thats the best way to play when you don't act like an ass. And of course, be friendly and respectful for those online and help when you can and... don't do anything bad.

9:41... grr... *runs to the store and camps*

Writer: MogKnight

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