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Mog Talks About Stuff Vol. 2 - 10.23.03

Welcome to the second session of where I spit at you for saying that Legend of Mana is a great game.

*DISCLAIMER: MogKnight does not spit at the people who enjoys Legend of Mana, do not send hate mail to him.*

November is slowly coming up, I should also mention that my birthday is also coming up! But anyways, I realized that I have a whole mess of RPGs that I've never actually completed. Normally a person would finish these up around the Summer Season, no school and such. As I sit here and compile a list of games that I haven't completed, I came to the realization that there would be a good reason why I stopped playing a certain game. So, basically what I'm going to talk about is "The RPG Gripes".

First off, there is no such thing as a perfect RPG game. There will be something that is missing and will probably annoy you really really bad. Some people will just accept and move on while some just can't handle it.

One of the well known Gripes are the points in an RPG where you have to take some ridiculously long trip to one point, filled with so many random battles and strong monsters. A good example of this is probably several parts in the Final Fantasy series. Some aren't that bad, especially the newer ones. Some just tell you to go to this place here... but you don't know where that place is at all.

Another gripe is buying items and equipment. Some RPGs give you some crappy ass user interface to buy items. Buying items can be a pain in some RPGs. Sometimes they don't tell you what the item does, sometimes you have to buy them one by one, some don't even ask for confirmation if you want to buy it or not. I mean it's not like you're going to walk up to the storeowner in real life and ask "Can I have 1 potion?" about 20 or so times.

Don't you love it when your default run speed is extremely slow? Take the first Final Fantasy game for example, you move about 2 full blocks a second. You can't go faster than that. I'm pretty sure that back then, no one really mind the slow walking speed of our four crystal holders. Nowadays, we have the dash function and most who joined Final Fantasy this late will probably never play the old Final Fantasy games for two main reasons, one of them is the slowness of it. Good thing that Final Fantasy Origins and the re-releases of the rest of the Final Fantasy games have a dash function.

Last gripe, the overly complicated skill level up. While it's not at all complicated, it does get annoying when you die from a boss because you either didn't manually upgrade your skills or your skill levels are all out of order and wack. Take Xenosaga for example, there are like so many menus for everything and theres probably some point in time where I would have to look at those menus and see what is wrong. Those points I'm getting in battle MUST mean something! Sometimes you just don't want to hit Triangle to pull up the menu and do all your work. This is not a bad thing but it does slow down your gameplay a bit and takes you away from the action.

A few quick gripes include a battle system that doesn't make sense at all, a SLOW battle system, overly talkative NPCs, badly placed save points, boss battles that far from save points. The list goes on and on.

Anyone want to share any of their RPG gripes? Give me a ring in the forums or on AIM.

Writer: MogKnight

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