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Mog Talks About Stuff Vol. 1 - 10.21.03

*tests the mic*

Welcome to Final Fantasy Shrine's first and probably last (or a few more if it gets lucky) "Mog Talks About Stuff". Generally, this is one of those opinionated articles about whatever topic that looks interesting. In this, I'll talk about random stuff in the Square-Enix world.

Lets start with FFXI, coming to PC fairly soon (Oct 28th). After going around to all of these chatrooms around the net, moving my way around those who can't speak proper English, I learned quite a bit of the game to talk about it a bit.

First, people need to realize something, "It's all Online". No offline mode, no free way to play (except the start up trial), no way to name your characters on previous FF characters (no MogKnight either). That whole sentence would turn off about a good 60% of FF "fans" out there. Oh and it's going to cost a good 200+ or so dollars to start up (assuming you have a lowend PC or no PS2). There goes another 20% right there. Does that mean that FFXI is only for the 20% of hardcore FF gamers?

It's the realization that FF is not a regular RPG. It's an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RPG) like Everquest. Apparently, you're not alone in the game and there is no set story to exactly follow. It doesn't mean that it "sucks", it's just a different Genre. Almost like comparing Legend of Zelda to Final Fantasy in a way, it's different in it's own way. You can compare them but they won't be on the same level of balance.

So, FFXI is coming out soon, how will it fare out? I'll be connected to FFXI for awhile, I'm sure of that... but will I see you there? Those I won't see will say that they have a weak computer or can't afford the 12 a month payment. The others will say that they'll wait for the PS2. Then finally, the rest will say it sucks... because they think MMORPGs suck. I wonder if Square (Enix) realizes that too. Everquest hit large too, FFXI might not hit that hard but it seems to be in the right place in the right time, especially those who were stuck with Ragnarok Online for so long.

Final Fantasy X-2 looks promising as well. But there is one big gripe that is itching up on the back of my neck... will we get the FFX-2 International Upgrades?

When Final Fantasy International came out (FF7 re-release), there wasn't really anything to warrant a US release. Final Fantasy X: International however had a few updates that would of been nice to see in the US version, especially Final Fantasy X: Another Story which never hit the US. FFX: International, however, was planned after the US version came out. We never got Dark Aeons or the Expert Sphere Grid. Those at Europe did get FFX with the International Upgrades, lucky for them indeed after waiting... well, a long time for FFX.

FFX-2 seems to be getting a ton of updates and many cool things (an extra job, extra missions, and even a monster taming thing.) I suggest we Final Fantasy fans start bombarding Square-Enix with e-mails stating we want the FFX-2: International Upgrades. Sure, it might cause a delay but these little extras are worth the wait!

I've also been looking around for Front Mission information. Front Mission, unfortunately, didn't hit the US that well, we only got Front Mission 3. There has to be more Front Mission fans out there, I know I'm not the only one... am I?

The only thing we know about FFXII is... well, the poster is nice... thats about it. Square-Enix is going to let out some info come November. I heard that March 2004 was the release date for FFXII, not entirely sure if it's true or not. Square-Enix likes to play the waiting game, don't they?

Finally, where the heck is Final Fantasy 3 and Seiken Densetsu 3? FF3 is the only Final Fantasy that has not been ported to the US yet and Seiken Densetsu 3 was a great game! Soon to be Sword of Mana fans (if you buy it, you WILL be a fan, trust me) will be hunting Square-Enix for this. A rumor is that they are porting a few more games to the PSX, are they up next?

Go comment crazy! PM me in the forums or reach me on AIM at MogKnight.

Writer: MogKnight

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