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New musical goodness: Final Fantasy Songbook New musical goodness: Final Fantasy Songbook
01.29.04 -- Written by Misao -- 0 Comment(s)

According to Nobuo Uematsu’s page this new album, Final Fantasy Songbook 'Mahoroba', is to be released on March 10, it'll cost 2,800 yen and will most obviously feature ten newly arranged tracks from Final Fantasy III to IX.


Yuna in a Kimono!? Yuna in a Kimono!?
01.28.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

I already lost the list of things that are going into Final Fantasy X-2 International + Last Mission but I'll quickly sum up things.

What we know before is that it will have a Last Mission which is basically its own game. There will be more involvement with monsters as there will be minigames and the ability to catch monsters to use them in the

Mog Talks About Stuff Vol. 7 Mog Talks About Stuff Vol. 7
01.27.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

Feb 10th: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles releases into the US.

A large majority of us know what this game has in store and a large majority of us have shunned it because of what it costs. If you don't know, FF:CC is several things:

1. The emphasis is in Multiplayer action.
2. It is not tradtional Final Fantasy game play.
3. It requi

FFS Tetrinet Tournament Sign-Ups FFS Tetrinet Tournament Sign-Ups
01.22.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

Details Here

And I hope you have enough room when I ram my fist into your stomach. >:

FFShrine News FFShrine News
01.21.04 -- Written by Alex Mack -- 0 Comment(s)

First I thought I'd give a quasi-introduction for those of you that don't follow the forums or chat quite so closely; if you don't recognize this nick (Alex Mack), you might remember me as Sarah or Ender. Normally I wouldn't think there'd be much of a point in this kind of an introduction, especially in a news story, but because of the natur

Final Fantay X-2 PAL details Final Fantay X-2 PAL details
01.18.04 -- Written by Misao -- 0 Comment(s)

Fine, so here is what we know:

Final Fantasy X-2 will be released on February 20 in Europe.

The game will be in fullscreen mode! That means you won't get the usual ugly black bars European gamers are already used to. Good!

It will feature the dub from the US version and subtitles in the European languages. That was to be expected. *sigh

FF:CC English Website Up! FF:CC English Website Up!
01.11.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

The official English website to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles can be located at You can find a video trailer, more information on the story and some screenshots of the gameplay.

There is also a special offer for those who preorder the game. If you are in need

More Kingdom Hearts II Info More Kingdom Hearts II Info
01.09.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

Kingdom Hearts 2 continues the story of Sora and the group. After the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, there was a huge hint of a sequel coming out. With new information coming out throughout the weeks, fans crave to play Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Kingdom Hearts 2 will feature the same game mechanics of the original with

FFX-2 International + Last Mission + More Stuff FFX-2 International + Last Mission + More Stuff
01.07.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

First, it was Last Mission.
Second, it was the extra Dress Sphere
Third, it was the Monster Raising

Now, it's Monster Arena! Whoopie! Much like the Monster Arena in the original Final Fantasy X, you can battle all the monsters that you encounter in the game ALONG with the option to fight Tidus, Auron, Seymour, and a new boss character named

01.02.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

If you haven't noticed yet, FFShrine has added a LOT of content recently. Dozens and dozens and dozens of pages, in fact. Sadly, though, the majority of this work is being done by a relatively small fraction of the communinity. Sometimes we get people who ask to volunteer, and they wonder what they can do to help- this is what this news post is for

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Website Online! Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Website Online!
01.02.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

The website showcases the many elements of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, a DVD movie that is based on the aftermath of Final Fantasy 7.

The site is only in Japanese however but you can view the trailers and the official wallpapers there.

Go here for the Website

03.11.10: Art Submissions
Art submissions are back up!

03.04.10: New Ajunction Art
Tons of new fanart added!

05.21.05: IRC Log Formatter
Log Formatter for the IRC chat added.

04.29.05: Art Junction
50+ new fanart submissions added.

04.23.05: Chat Update
#ffshrine is now located on

01.26.05: FFXI Job Abils
Partial list of job abilities added.

01.25.05: FFXI Magic Lists
Complete magic lists posted for all classes.

12.04.04: Art Junction
More than a dozen new pieces of artwork added!

10.23.04: Top Sites
New topsites section launched.

09.18.04: Art Junction
New fanart submissions added.

08.20.04: Art Junction
4 new fanart submissions added.

07.21.04: Art Junction
75+ new fanart submissions added.

07.09.04: Art Junction
30+ new fanart submissions added.

07.05.04: Final Fantasy Before Crisis
Poster scans added.

07.04.04: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
MIDI downloads added.

07.04.04: Final Fantasy Tactics
MIDI downloads added.

07.01.04: Links Page
New links page added. Submit your sites!

06.07.04: Art Junction
30+ new fanart additions.

05.26.04: Shrine AMP
MogKnight Introduces Cloud Tribute Video.

05.25.04: Final Fantasy 8
Disc 4 FMV screenshots added.

05.21.04: Final Fantasy X-2
Blue Bullet guide added.

05.21.04: Final Fantasy X
Luca Sphere Theater page added.

05.20.04: Final Fantasy VII
600+ new Disc 2 FMV screenshots.

05.18.04: Advent Children
100+ new E3 Advent Children screenshots.

05.17.04: Before Crisis
Before Crisis section launched: screenshots, logo, and platform information.

05.14.04: Shrine AMP
Minor Shrine AMP update.

05.08.04: Final Fantasy VII
Disc 4 FMV screenshots added.

05.07.04: Advent Children
New magazine scan.

05.04.04: Final Fantasy VII
Disc 1 FMV Screenshots added.

05.01.04: Final Fantasy X
1,100+ FMV Screenshots added.

04.29.04: Shrine AMP
Minor Shrine AMP update.

04.24.04: FFT
Almost 250 FMV Pictures added.

04.24.04: Art Junction
Art Junction relaunched with well over 50 new submissions.

04.21.04: Final Fantasy 4
FMV pictures added.

04.17.04: Final Fantasy 8
Disc II FMV pictures added.

04.16.04: Final Fantasy X
Aeons added: Bahamut, Yojimbo, Anima, Magus Sisters.

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