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Star Ocean 3:  Long Wait but Worth It Star Ocean 3: Long Wait but Worth It
02.25.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

Star Ocean 3, sequel to Star Ocean 2 on the PSX, starts off many years after the events of Star Ocean 2. North Americans can now play this great game that has been in Japan for a long time.

But to our benefit, we will be getting the upgraded "Director's Cut" version of Star Ocean 3. The bugs from the original Star Ocean 3 will not be present a

Final Fantasy Concert in the US! Final Fantasy Concert in the US!
02.19.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

Announced today, Square-Enix will be holding it's first Final Fantasy Concert in the US at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California. Entitled "Dear Friends -music from FINAL FANTASY-", the event will take place on May 10 2004, days before E3 takes place in the LA area.

Along with the news of the concert, Nobuo Uematsu has transla

New Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Trailer Released New Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Trailer Released
02.19.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

You can get the trailer here!

Pics to accomodate the trailer will be here soon!

Drakengard - A game to really look out for! Drakengard - A game to really look out for!
02.05.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

Me being able to experience the game first hand, I must say that this game is pretty enjoyable. As I've been looking around the other great titles that Square-Enix is producing (such as Star Ocean 3 for example), this is perhaps one of the unique few.

Drakenard (or Drag-On Dragoon in Japanese) is an action type game that has a few minor RPG ele

FFShrine Final Fantasy 11 Contest FFShrine Final Fantasy 11 Contest
02.03.04 -- Written by Alex Mack -- 0 Comment(s)

FFShrine will be hosting a quasi-competition; we'll be taking submissions of interesting, unique, or amusing screenshots that you've taken on your adventures in Final Fantasy 11.

If you're an avid Final Fantasy 11 player but you haven't taken any screenshots yet, get to it!

This is the initial announcement, but the contest should be continuo

New FFShrine Mailbag Host! New FFShrine Mailbag Host!
02.02.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

Because of complications beyond our control, Nymph has decided to leave her position in FFShrine to make way for a new face. The new FFShrine Mailbag host will be revealed at a later date, but submissions can already be sent in HERE

(Note: Ender is not the new host, the e-mails will be forwarded

More FFXII Information ! More FFXII Information !
02.01.04 -- Written by Vyvyan -- 0 Comment(s)

Set for release this summer, FFXII sees the Final Fantasy series return to the traditional RPG format we’ve grown to know and love.

Unlike its recent predecessors the game will be more in the vein of the traditional FF games. Recently we’ve seen FFX-2, a mission-based RPG, FFXI, an online addition to the series and FF:CC which focuses more on mu

03.11.10: Art Submissions
Art submissions are back up!

03.04.10: New Ajunction Art
Tons of new fanart added!

05.21.05: IRC Log Formatter
Log Formatter for the IRC chat added.

04.29.05: Art Junction
50+ new fanart submissions added.

04.23.05: Chat Update
#ffshrine is now located on

01.26.05: FFXI Job Abils
Partial list of job abilities added.

01.25.05: FFXI Magic Lists
Complete magic lists posted for all classes.

12.04.04: Art Junction
More than a dozen new pieces of artwork added!

10.23.04: Top Sites
New topsites section launched.

09.18.04: Art Junction
New fanart submissions added.

08.20.04: Art Junction
4 new fanart submissions added.

07.21.04: Art Junction
75+ new fanart submissions added.

07.09.04: Art Junction
30+ new fanart submissions added.

07.05.04: Final Fantasy Before Crisis
Poster scans added.

07.04.04: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
MIDI downloads added.

07.04.04: Final Fantasy Tactics
MIDI downloads added.

07.01.04: Links Page
New links page added. Submit your sites!

06.07.04: Art Junction
30+ new fanart additions.

05.26.04: Shrine AMP
MogKnight Introduces Cloud Tribute Video.

05.25.04: Final Fantasy 8
Disc 4 FMV screenshots added.

05.21.04: Final Fantasy X-2
Blue Bullet guide added.

05.21.04: Final Fantasy X
Luca Sphere Theater page added.

05.20.04: Final Fantasy VII
600+ new Disc 2 FMV screenshots.

05.18.04: Advent Children
100+ new E3 Advent Children screenshots.

05.17.04: Before Crisis
Before Crisis section launched: screenshots, logo, and platform information.

05.14.04: Shrine AMP
Minor Shrine AMP update.

05.08.04: Final Fantasy VII
Disc 4 FMV screenshots added.

05.07.04: Advent Children
New magazine scan.

05.04.04: Final Fantasy VII
Disc 1 FMV Screenshots added.

05.01.04: Final Fantasy X
1,100+ FMV Screenshots added.

04.29.04: Shrine AMP
Minor Shrine AMP update.

04.24.04: FFT
Almost 250 FMV Pictures added.

04.24.04: Art Junction
Art Junction relaunched with well over 50 new submissions.

04.21.04: Final Fantasy 4
FMV pictures added.

04.17.04: Final Fantasy 8
Disc II FMV pictures added.

04.16.04: Final Fantasy X
Aeons added: Bahamut, Yojimbo, Anima, Magus Sisters.

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