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Artists' Junction Update Artists' Junction Update
04.22.04 -- Written by Bahamut-Zero -- 0 Comment(s)

A new system as been made for the Art Junction section. With this new program built for it we can add and approve art pieces on the fly. More will be done to improve the Artists' Junction in the near future as well to better improve its functionality. Also, the list of characters is very short. This is because they will be added as people submit ar

Kingdom Hearts 2 and Chain of Memories news bits Kingdom Hearts 2 and Chain of Memories news bits
04.20.04 -- Written by Misao -- 0 Comment(s)

I don't want to babble stuff no one'll read anyway. There isn't really much to say. All credit goes to (as usual!) for these pictures:

Meeting Hercules.
I admit, you don't see

FFXI Hits Europe Soon! FFXI Hits Europe Soon!
04.15.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

Square-Enix has finally announced something for Final Fantasy XI in the PAL region. Final Fantasy XI is planned to be released sometime this year on the PC and PS2. Currently, there is no mention of the HDD release for the PS2 version but it will either come packaged with Final Fantasy XI (like here in the US) or separate.

Final Fantasy XI and

Fifth Final Fantasy XII character revealed! Fifth Final Fantasy XII character revealed!
04.15.04 -- Written by Misao -- 0 Comment(s)

Vaan, Ashe, Balflear and Fran have been known for months, and the debates in our forum mostly centered around the kind of relationship that there'd be between Vaan and Ashe.
The new character, an energetic sixteen-year-old named Pannero, might bring some fresh wind into this discussion: She's Vaan's girlfriend.
Furthermore, it's said that

Final Fantasy I & II get Another Makeover? Final Fantasy I & II get Another Makeover?
04.09.04 -- Written by MogKnight -- 0 Comment(s)

Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II were originally released on the Famicom (NES). It was then re-released on the Wonderswan and the PSone.

Now, Square-Enix presents another re-release of this classic game but now on a more recent handheld console: The Gameboy Advance.

In Final Fantasy I, players will expect a new dungeon called "Soul of Ch

03.11.10: Art Submissions
Art submissions are back up!

03.04.10: New Ajunction Art
Tons of new fanart added!

05.21.05: IRC Log Formatter
Log Formatter for the IRC chat added.

04.29.05: Art Junction
50+ new fanart submissions added.

04.23.05: Chat Update
#ffshrine is now located on

01.26.05: FFXI Job Abils
Partial list of job abilities added.

01.25.05: FFXI Magic Lists
Complete magic lists posted for all classes.

12.04.04: Art Junction
More than a dozen new pieces of artwork added!

10.23.04: Top Sites
New topsites section launched.

09.18.04: Art Junction
New fanart submissions added.

08.20.04: Art Junction
4 new fanart submissions added.

07.21.04: Art Junction
75+ new fanart submissions added.

07.09.04: Art Junction
30+ new fanart submissions added.

07.05.04: Final Fantasy Before Crisis
Poster scans added.

07.04.04: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
MIDI downloads added.

07.04.04: Final Fantasy Tactics
MIDI downloads added.

07.01.04: Links Page
New links page added. Submit your sites!

06.07.04: Art Junction
30+ new fanart additions.

05.26.04: Shrine AMP
MogKnight Introduces Cloud Tribute Video.

05.25.04: Final Fantasy 8
Disc 4 FMV screenshots added.

05.21.04: Final Fantasy X-2
Blue Bullet guide added.

05.21.04: Final Fantasy X
Luca Sphere Theater page added.

05.20.04: Final Fantasy VII
600+ new Disc 2 FMV screenshots.

05.18.04: Advent Children
100+ new E3 Advent Children screenshots.

05.17.04: Before Crisis
Before Crisis section launched: screenshots, logo, and platform information.

05.14.04: Shrine AMP
Minor Shrine AMP update.

05.08.04: Final Fantasy VII
Disc 4 FMV screenshots added.

05.07.04: Advent Children
New magazine scan.

05.04.04: Final Fantasy VII
Disc 1 FMV Screenshots added.

05.01.04: Final Fantasy X
1,100+ FMV Screenshots added.

04.29.04: Shrine AMP
Minor Shrine AMP update.

04.24.04: FFT
Almost 250 FMV Pictures added.

04.24.04: Art Junction
Art Junction relaunched with well over 50 new submissions.

04.21.04: Final Fantasy 4
FMV pictures added.

04.17.04: Final Fantasy 8
Disc II FMV pictures added.

04.16.04: Final Fantasy X
Aeons added: Bahamut, Yojimbo, Anima, Magus Sisters.

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